Writing a Book About Future Technology – Are You Really Up For It?

How hard is it to write a book about future technologies? Well, it may not be as tough as you think. In fact I have just written three eBooks on Future Technology and it was indeed a whole lot of fun actually. The three books were:

  • Hoverboards and Skate Boards of the Future
  • Truck Technologies of the Future
  • Holographic Projection Technologies of the Future

If you decide to write an eBook on Technology, well that might be a cool project. I am writing an eBook for “Motorcycles of the Future” and “Cars of the Future” too. Yes I think I have written some stuff on Skateboards in my Hoverboard eBook, which blow low pressure under them and a re-design for the segway scooter.

I see DARPA and several other groups have been haphazardly working on these things, but now with lighter materials and new technologies. (Carbon nano-tubes, fuel-cell, plastic based solar panels, magnetic based wheels, etc.).

Well I believe that there will indeed be a few more chapters written in the annals of the Skateboarding, this trend is not over heck it is just warming up. What is the best way to get started on a Future Technology eBook? Well pick a subject that you know about and then go search your files.

In the case of the skateboard or hoverboard eBook – I did not realize I had so much on inter-related subjects. I did recall some interesting articles I had written on Skateboards with WiFi, iPods and “Intel Inside” as well as skimmer boards for the street, verticals and water. I simply imagined skateboarders in the fountains without ever touching the concrete, Property owners would not complain, no damage would occur? Except slip and fall injuries.

This was a fun project and I was happy to do the research background work and send write down my thoughts. Maybe the new skateboards will cause kids to lose weight? If you are going to write a Technology Book on the Future then do your research, study what is available and have fun, oh and send me a copy too. Thanks a million and may all those dreams come true.

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